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Andrea Langley, Founder

Meet Andrea Langey, healthy lifestyle coach and founder of Be Fit Atlanta. She specializes in strength training exercise programs that get results. Her positive spirit and passion for fitness is magnetic and inspires and motivates a variety of clientele internationally through private personal training, small group training, fitness products and social media networks.

Andrea, affectionally called “Drea,” was born in Norwalk, CT and currently based in metropolitan Atlanta, GA. Raised by North Carolinian parents, she grew up in a family that prided themselves on the ability to cook the best soul food recipes of the Tarheel state. These comfort foods, both tasty and traditional can, unfortunately, contribute to the many conditions and diseases many people of color have faced for generations.

After being affected by  family health events that changed the quality of life of one of her closest aunts and her father’s fatal heart attack, Andrea set out to ensure she improved her own health. It was then she was awakened and realized the power of food and exercise and how it affects the body. She wanted to be around for her young son for years to come. These turn of events sparked the motivation to learn more about the human body as a machine.

She believes that one must ensure the essential components of the body are fueled well and fine tuned, just as one would treat a car, only difference is that a car can be replaced. Each of us get one body. Every food decision is important and as society realizes this fact, there will be a significant decrease in diabetes, obesity and a variety of other chronic illnesses and diseases.

After becoming more health conscious and committing to regular exercise, Andrea was ready for the next level. A friend introduced her to CrossFit and power lifting. This part of her journey taught her much more about the importance of macro nutrients as it relates to strength training. Her passion lies in telling her story with the intention to inspire others to learn about and live a healthier life.


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To empower busy clients with confidence and help to overcome struggles with weight.

Andrea Langley


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